TopFiber hair thickening set of 3 products


TopFiber 3 product hair thickening set.

The set includes:

TopFiber thickening shampoo

Thickening shampoo for thin and effortless hair. Gives texture and fullness to flat hair suffering from flatness. Wash your hair gently and leave the hair to soak, exposure time about 2 minutes before rinsing. The main raw material is Rice-Protein.


TopFiber Thickening Conditioner

Thickening conditioner. Nourishes and makes delicate hair dense and thicker, hair looks natural and does not look greasy. Effect time 2-3 min. The main raw materials are Rice protein and Polyguatermium-67.


TopFiber Hair Serum

Thickening structural spray for fine hair. Gives texture and firmness to dry and damaged hair. Apply to hair by spraying on moistened hands and massage in a rotating motion to lengths. Main ingredient Polyguatermium-110. Drying or blow-drying is recommended for best results. The result is clean natural and supple hair.